Dried Edible Pansies

ORGANIC EDIBLE FREEZE-DRIED PANSIES perfect for Salads, Baking, Drink Toppers, Cupcake Toppers, Cake Decorations.

To use on top cakes specially to decorate wedding cakes, cupcakes on birthday, anniversaries, baby showers, and all the special occasions. These Pansies selected and sorted to give you the highest level of quality that mother nature produces.

Because our edible pansies are freeze-dried, they don’t shrivel up or change colors when the moisture is removed. This means that they look so lifelike that people often mistake them for fresh flowers.
The great thing is that it’s not necessary to refrigerate them and they stay looking great for 6 months!

Available in a spectacular combination of colors: magenta purple, blue, yellow, lavender, pink lavender, violet, white.

Small versions of Pansies 3-4 cm in length.

Pack of 20 pansies.

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