Dried Bouquets

A beautiful handmade fragrant dried flower bouquet.
This beautiful bouquet is handmade, 100% natural, made to order and unique.
Each bouquet is slightly different, contains slightly different combinations of dried flowers.
It consists of static (white, purple, and pink), freeze-dried roses and dried mixed flowers.

The bouquet is perfect for a bridal bouquet, as well as home decoration. It will look lovely on a table or a shelf and will bring some country sense into your home. It would also make a lovely gift to someone you care about.

The bouquet lasts for a very long time if displayed away from direct sun. It does not need any additional treatment.

The diameter of the bouquet is approximately 22 cm (8.8 inches) and the average length of the bouquet is 27 cm (10.5 inches).

The advantages of dried flower arrangements are many:

They look like fresh

They stay for a long time

Do not need any special treatment.

The price is the same as the price of a fresh flower arrangement.

A gift that remains as a souvenir.

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