Freeze-Dried Rose Petals

We specialize in drying rose petals using a special method. This method preserves the properties of the leaves.

Our dried petals remain soft and supple after drying! Really feel like fresh leaves!

The petals are for a wedding, aisle path, bridesmaids, table decorations.

They are wonderful for marriage proposals and creating an atmosphere at any occasion.

Our petals are impressive in a view floating on the water, the leaves never sink. You can get petals in various colors:
Burgundy, white, pink, purple, yellow, orange and colorful (mixed without yellow).
1 liter box, price: 25 NIS.

A small white basket for a bridesmaid with lace around, price: 25 NIS


The advantages are many:

They don't wilt.

Good for a repeated use.

They don't stain.

Have a good smell.

Good for a repeated use

Last for a very long time even after the event will end.

You can order them anytime, long before the special day, put them in the closet with no additional treatment and then just take them out and use them.

A very attractive price.

The petals are perfectly preserved to look beautiful on your special day.

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